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December 2020 - This deserving young lady was our latest Enchroma donation recipient.
See the news story here!

January 2020 - We are continued supporters of the ASPCA!

December 2018 - We made a donation to the ASPCA!

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December 2017 - Our friend Mike, colorblind since birth, received Enchroma glasses today and saw true color for the first time in his life!
See the WGNTV Channel 9 News Story Here!

December 2017 - More students get to visit the "Horse Feathers" animal therapy ranch! What an amazing place!

March 2017 - We made a donation to the "Horse Feathers" program to help these students visit a horse ranch this summer. Have fun and thanks for the "thank you"!

January 2017 - We made a donation to the Freedom Service Dogs charity to help place service dogs with injured/wounded veterans.

November 2016 - We made a donation to the Make-A-Wish charity.