Welcome to the Bilter Foundation.

We are a charitable organization focused on helping people, "one-at-a-time". Donations will be allocated to help one person at a time, as nominated and voted on by our contributors.

Our first focus is what we call our "senses" campaign. Many of us take our 5 senses for granted. The ability to See, Hear, Smell, Touch and Taste are given to most of us. For those that are born without sight or hearing, they have never known the colors of their friends eyes or the sound of their loved ones voices. Our "senses" campaign will aim to help fund the cochlear ear implant surgery to restore hearing, help fund the retinal eye implant surgery to restore sight, and also to help fund the purchase of Enchroma glasses to help restore color vision to color-blind individuals.

See our first recipient Mike Allen receive his Enchroma Glasses:

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Email us at info@bilterfoundation.org